Latest news:

September 2016

New paper on Super granulation and multiscale flows in the solar photosphere submitted.

July 2016

New paper on Magneto rotational dynamo chimeras in Astron. Astrophys.

New paper on Subproton-scale cascades in solar wind turbulence in ApJ Letters.

February 2016

New paper on Collisionless plasma dynamo in PNAS.

January 2016

New paper on subcritical transition in plane Poiseuille flow in Comptes Rendus.

August 2015

New paper on large-scale motions in turbulent Couette flow in JFM.

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Nov 20, 2016

Upcoming visits, seminars, conferences

  • WPI workshop on plasma astrophysics, Vienna, Austria, summer 2017.
  • Invited lecture on the dynamo effect in Les Houches winter school "from laboratories to astrophysics: the expanding universe of plasma physics", Les Houches, France, 1-12 May 2017.