Latest news:

July 2018

Major update of the review on The Sun's super granulation..

September 2016

New paper on Super granulation and multiscale flows in the solar photosphere.

July 2016

New paper on Magneto rotational dynamo chimeras.

New paper on Subproton-scale cascades in solar wind turbulence.

February 2016

New paper on Collisionless plasma dynamo.

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Last update
Nov 13, 2018

Recent conferences, workshops, summer schools

  • Astrophysical plasma turbulence workshop (WPI, Austria, 2014-2018).
  • Plasma turbulence working group, Niels Bohr Institute Academy (Copenhagen,2018).
  • Invited talk at GDR dynamo (IHP Paris, France, 2017).
  • Invited winter school review talk on dynamo theory (Les Houches, France, 2017).
  • Invited talk at the SF2A session on simulations in astrophysics (Lyon, France, 2016).
  • Invited talk at the Vlasovia 2016 Conference (Copanello, Italy, 2016).
  • Invited talk at PCTS workshop on dynamo theory (Princeton, USA, 2015).
  • Invited talk at "Turbulence and dissipation in collisionless astrophysical plasmas" conference (Cargese, France, 2015).
  • Oral communication at Steve Balbus' 60th birthday conference: From the MRI to the Sun (Chamonix, France, 2014).
  • Oral communication at Euromech Colloquium on Subcritical transition to turbulence (Cargese, France, 2014).
  • Invited review talk at Congrès de la division plasma de la Sociéé Française de Physique (Toulouse, France, 2014).


  • GAHEC group seminar, IRAP Toulouse (2016).
  • Oxford plasma physics seminar, Oxford (2014).
  • Talk at IRAP science days, Toulouse (2013).
  • Sap/CEA astrophysics seminar, Saclay (2012).
  • Oxford plasma group seminar, Oxford (2012).
  • Oxford plasma physics seminar, Oxford (2011).
  • Talk at IRAP science days, Toulouse (2010).
  • Rencontres de mécanique des fluides, Nice (2009).
  • Applied Mathematics seminar, Leeds University (2008).
  • Imperial College plasma physics seminar, London (2007).
  • LadHyX fluid dynamics seminar, Ecole Polytechnique Paris (2007).
  • DAMTP fluid dynamics seminar, Cambridge (2007).
  • Imperial College turbulence seminar, London (2007).
  • LATT astrophysics seminar, Toulouse (2006).
  • ENS Lyon Physics Master Students seminar, Lyon (2006).
  • ENS Lyon Astrophysics Dpt seminar, Lyon (2006).
  • ENS Lyon Physics Dpt seminar, Lyon (2006).
  • LUTH seminar, Meudon Observatory (2006).
  • LATT AFD group seminar, Toulouse (2005).
  • DAMTP AFD group seminar, Cambridge (2005).
  • CESR seminar, Toulouse (2005).
  • DAMTP AFD group seminar, Cambridge (2004).
  • NORDITA astro-lunch seminar, Copenhagen (2002).

Older conferences, workshops, summer schools

  • Oral communication at 14th European Turbulence Conference (Lyon, France, 2013).
  • Invited talk at 15th Fifth International Symposium on bifurcations and instabilities in fluid dynamics BIFD (Haifa, Israel, 2013).
  • Invited talk at the workshop on Stability, Energetics, and Turbulent Transport in Astrophysical, Fusion, and Solar Plasmas: Unifying Theoretical and Computational Tools (Princeton, USA, 2013).
  • Organizer of Les Houches winter school on the future of plasma astrophysics (2013).
  • SWIFF school on space weather modelling (Spineto, Italy, 2012).
  • Oral communication, SF2A, PNPS Session (Paris, France, 2011).
  • Invited Review talk on MHD turbulence in the quiet Sun, SF2A, PNST Session on the EST (Paris, France, 2011).
  • Invited Review talk on accretion disk turbulence at the "Dynamics and turbulent transport in plasmas and conducting fluids" school (Les Houches, France, 2011).
  • Oral communication at Michael Proctor's birthday conference: "convection, magnetoconvection and dynamo theory" (Cargese, France, 2010).
  • Invited Participant, Isaac Newton Institute program on gyrokinetics (Cambridge, UK, 2010).
  • Invited talk, Euromech Yaglom-Kraichnan Colloquium (Turin, Italy, 2009).
  • Invited Review talk on solar MHD, Int'l conference on the Numerical simulations of plasmas (Lisbon, Portugal, 2009).
  • Newton Institute conference "Dynamics of Discs and Planets" (Cambridge, UK, 2009).
  • Oral communication, International workshop on dynamos, Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris, France, 2009).
  • Invited Participant, Institut Henri Poincaré programme on dynamos (Paris, France, 2009).
  • Astrophysical plasma turbulence workshop (WPI, Austria, 2009).
  • Student talk, Winter school on astrophysical and fusion plasmas (UCLA, USA, 2009).
  • Invited talk, Newton anisotropic turbulence conference (Warwick, UK, 2008).
  • Poster, Hinode Science meeting (Bouder, USA, 2008).
  • Invited participant, KITP Program on dynamo theory (UCSB, USA, 2008).
  • Two invited talks, Solar workshop (Saclay, France, 2008).
  • Two posters, French PNST (solar physics) workshop (Obernai, France, 2008).
  • Winter school on plasma turbulence (UCLA, USA, 2008).
  • Oral communication, International workshop on MRI and dynamos (Catania, Italy, 2007).
  • André Mangeney's 70th birthday workshop on space plasmas (Meudon, France, 2007).
  • Student talk, Winter school on plasma turbulence (UCLA, USA, 2007).
  • Oral communication, IAU Symposium 239 "Convection in astrophysics" (Prague, Czech Rep., 2006).
  • Summer school in stellar physics (Aussois, France, 2004).
  • Oral communication, International Newton Institute conference "Magnetohydrodynamics in Stellar Interiors" (Cambridge, UK, 2004).
  • Workshop on numerical simulations in astrophysics (IDRIS, Orsay, France, 2003).
  • Oral communication, French Astronomy and Astrophysics annual meeting (Bordeaux, France, 2003).
  • Workshop on numerical simulations of stellar convection (Meudon, France, 2003).
  • Poster, International conference "Asteroseismology across the HR diagram" (Porto, 2002).
  • GDR Workshop on turbulence (Nice, France, 2002).
  • Summer school on theories of turbulence (CISM, Udine, Italy, 2001).